In the spring of 2017 we, Merete Flensted Laustsen and Martine Noring, went to the woods of Sweden to begin our journey creating the story of Greenwood. It is inspired by stories of nature and its mythology filled with magical beings like falfs, birds, dragons, griffons, trolls, goblins, Scandinavian “nisser” and many more characters in the land of Greenwood.


Besides introducing children from the age 6+ to the fantasy genre, Pursuit of Magic is a Danish design company established in 2017. Pursuit of Magic works with incorporating the magic of fairy tales into everyday life through books and product design.

We are also inspired by the tradition of the Scandinavian storytellers such as H.C. Andersen, Astrid Lindgren, Tove Jansson and Karen Blixen. With Pursuit of Magic we aim to bring some of the fantastic wonders and Nordic magic back into modern life.

The two founders Merete Flensted Laustsen og Martine Noring create the stories, the visual universes and designs of Pursuit of Magic.

Our Books

The Greenwood tales is an all illustrated fantasy-trilogy for everybody from the age 6+. The author Merete Flensted Laustsen and the illustrator Martine Noring have worked intensively for several years and they are really looking forward to present all three parts of The Greenwood tales. The trilogy is a classic fantasy tale about the battle between good and evil.


The Rron sparrow Flint, the Long-tailed tit Lange and the falfs Thistle and Snowdrop are set to be the ones to liberate Greenwood and the inhabitants of Grønneskov  from the evil and eerie Mountain Troll and its frightening dark creatures.

With the help of Oldowl from the Owl Tower, they discover that their destiny is to become dragon birds and dragon bird riders. During the four heroes' journey, in the three volumes, the reader also meets teasing pixies, nemlings, the King of Greenwood, the Ruler of the Sea, the Master Falf, the Weather Witch Orkana and of course the hideous and eerie Mountain Troll.

  • In the first volume, the four friends are transformed into dragon birds and dragon bird riders and they discover that they have been given magical powers.
  • In the second volume, the four heroes practice using their magical powers and they meet the teasing pixies.
  • In the third volume, all of Greenwoods forces gather to fight against the extremely evil and disgusting Mountain Troll.

One has to read all three volumes to find out how the story ends. Both Volume 1 and Volume 2 ends with a cliffhanger.

Inspired by the genres Graphic Novel and the cartoon the dialogue between the caracters are in speech balloons. Also there are wordless and activity spreads e.g. a labyrinth to explore the grotto where the dark and evil Mountain Troll is held captive.

Our Designs

We believe in sustainability so we aim to produce our designs with respect for the environment and thus also locally. It is important to us that the products of Pursuit of Magic have the lowest possible negative impact on nature.

We hope that the fantastic world of our universe will bring magic, inspiration and joy in to your everyday life.

Coming up


Collection of products within gifts items and interior design.

The first part of the story of life in Greenwood will be published in 2018.

Where to find us:


  • Christiania Christmas Market

Who is behind


Martine Noring, Product designer from The Danish Design School, 2006.
Since 2011 Martine has worked with illustration, concept development and decoration of porcelain e.g. for Royal Copenhagen.
Martine is an experienced project manager and entrepreneur.


Merete Flensted Laustsen
MEd in Children’s Literature, 2008 and coauthor to a textbook on children and Young adult’s literature, 2014.
Merete is the co-founder of the company litfo.dk, 2009, and founder of the children’s book review site bogbotten.dk, 2012.
Merete is an experienced entrepreneur and project owner.


Contact us

Holmbladsgade 95,4 - 2300 København S

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Merete Flensted Laustsen
Head of sales and concept development : +45 25348833

Martine Noring
Head of design and production: +45 24478537